Beat the Heat with indoors adventures for toddlers.

As the sun shines in Sarasota, FL, keeping the kids cool and entertained becomes a priority for families. Fortunately, Sarasota has exciting offerings from Playtime Plaza, The Flock SRQ and Star Kids event. Let’s see how these indoor adventures and many other local treasures can rescue from the summer heat by keeping the kids occupied and interested.

Let's get Wiggly! Indoor Activities for Toddlers on the Move!

Mote Marine Lab & Aquarium: Begin your indoor venture at the Mote Marine Lab & Aquarium, which will leave the kids in awe of marine life in a breathable and spacious environment. Complete with a rainbow of fish, playful otters, and hands-on exhibits, this is a fun experience for young minds.

Playtime Plaza: Join in on the fun at Playtime Plaza, where every visit is a new journey into the world of imagination. Their town-themed playhouses and interactive activities provide the perfect setting for adventure and fun.

The Flock Srq: The Flock Srq is where laughter, learning and friendship come together. Their playhouse and classes aim to foster curiosity, creativity, and social skills in your little ones.

Jumjump Children Multiverse: Visit their indoor toddler playground and a playing area with games, board games and creative activities. A fun experience for your toddlers.

Star kids Event: Elevate your indoor play experience with Star kids Event, a mobile soft play area & ball pits, available for rent. Turn your home into a nice playground with colorful Soft Play sets (Pastel, Blue or Pink colors) or Ball Pits with slides, and provide endless hours of entertainment for your little ones.

Jumpin Fun Inflata Park: With almost 20 attractions & fun areas of play – you are sure to find something fun to do for everyone in the family! The fun includes bounce areas, slides, rock climbing wall, and zipline! Stop by Jumpin Fun and discover all the fun excitement they have to offer!

We Rock the Spectrum: Find a kids’ gym that is a place for kids to get their play on, have fun, be safe, and be included, regardless of their abilities. In such a way, they can exercise and stimulate any of the seven senses through positive physical, emotional, and social development.

Sarasota Forest Gardens: Allow the natural wonders of Sarasota Forest Gardens to envelope the little ones as they explore the secrets of exotic wildlife within the shade of this tropical setting. From flamingos to reptiles, so much here awaits discovery.

The Bishop – Science Museum: Take a trip to the Bishop – Science Museum, where interactive exhibits and hands-on activities make learning fun to spark your child’s curiosity. From building materials to watersports, there is literally something to discover for anyone.

Library Storytime: Visit your local library for storytime—great fun for kids with nice, cool, laid-back storytelling and activities. It’s the perfect way to nurture your love of reading while escaping the summer sun.

The Mall at University Town Center Play Area: The children’s play area offers over-sized native sea life species in the lower level Dillard’s court. Inside the play space, there are seats all around where parents sit and relax while the kids are having fun.

Sarasota Bowling lanes: Get your toddlers the first taste of pin-knocking fun in the family’s traditional outing to Sarasota Bowling Lanes. Lightweight balls and bumpers make it easy for even the youngest of bowlers to take part in the action.

Indoor Sports Complexes: Indoor sports complexes, like Defy or Sky Zone Trampoline Park, can have activities for toddlers such as tumbling, extreme dodgeball, or bouncing on trampolines. Fun ways to get moving while keeping cool indoors.

Tips and Tricks for a Joy-Filled Indoor Adventure

Children can easily stay entertained indoors with a sprig of imagination, no matter their age. From preschoolers to older children looking for a challenge, a sprinkle of creativity can turn any ordinary day into an unforgettable one.

Here are a few tips to enhance that experience:

  • Involve kids in planning: When kids are part of the fun creation, they tend to participate wholeheartedly. Let them decide on the activities and setting up games, and even cleanup can become part of the fun activity.
  • Enjoy the mess —sometimes: Crafts might get messy, treasure hunts might upset some pillows, but it’s all part of the creative process. As long as it’s not destructive and can be easily tidied up, embrace the messy side of play.
  • Balance activities: Mix and match high-energy activities like a dance party or obstacle course with quiet, focused ones, such as craft time or sensory play. Not only does this keep things fresh, but it also helps kids understand how to adapt to different dynamics.
  • Play along: By joining in, you can create lasting memories with your kids as well as keep their interest and enthusiasm up. Plus, who said grownups can’t have fun, too?
  • Rotate toys: Too many choices can overwhelm kids. Put some away and change them around every now and then. A long-forgotten toy can be just as exciting as a brand-new one when it resurfaces.

Remember, all of this should be fun and create happy memories. So, whether you’re pitching a living room tent or crafting the perfect ice cream sundae, enjoy the journey. While messes can be cleaned and toys put away, the memories you create during these indoor adventures are what your kids will cherish the most.


With a combination of indoor attractions like Playtime Plaza, The Flock Srq, Star Kids Event exciting offerings of soft play areas and ball pits, Sarasota makes sure families can beat the heat while creating lasting memories with their children. Whether you’re exploring marine life at the Mote Marine Lab & Aquarium or diving into nature at the Sarasota Forest Gardens, there’s no shortage of indoor adventures waiting for your family. So don’t despair when the temperatures rise—just step indoors and discover the endless possibilities for entertainment and fun in Sarasota, FL.

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