Tips and ideas on how to enhance your kid’s party

A child’s birthday party is one of those events that you will remember forever. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to all the details and even bring in some unique surprises. All the little things will add up and make the entire party unforgettable and very fun!

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Find the right venue/location

Some parents choose to celebrate the event at a venue, but most of the time, you are better off doing it at home. Ideally, most birthday parties for children should take place outside. That allows kids to run out and have fun, not to mention you can also rent a soft play area as well.

Prepare varied, yet healthy food!

It’s very easy to dismiss the importance of food when you prepare a party for kids. What we recommend is to focus on variety, and try to ensure there’s plenty of food too. If you can, try to keep it healthy. Sure, kids will always be attracted to unhealthy stuff, but offering healthy alternatives will be a great idea. 

Come up with some fun, creative activities

When kids attend one of their friend’s parties, they are expecting to play, eat great food and have fun. So it’s very important to figure out some fun, creative activities. Here are some great ideas:

  • A piñata contest is great because you can prepare a few piñatas and see which child destroys one in the fewest hits. You can turn this into a competition and even prepare a few prizes for the winner.
  • Cookie decorating is another interesting activity, because it allows kids to decorate their own cookies, and then they can wait a bit until they can eat their creations.
  • A treasure hunt is also fun because you can spread various prizes all over the garden/home. Then, kids have to move around and figure out where those things are hidden. It’s a nice change of pace and a fun game idea.
  • Karaoke can also be fun for kids, especially if you can prepare a set with music targeted towards a younger audience. It’s definitely a fun idea and something you need to consider here.
  • In the same musical vein, you can go with musical chairs. The concept is simple and fun, there’s an X number of kids and an X-1 number of chairs. The person who doesn’t sit in a chair when the song is interrupted loses, and the game goes on until one last person is standing.
Try to go for a DIY crafting experience

Kids love experimenting and trying out something new. That’s why crafting experiences are fun for a birthday party. Sure, there will be lots of entertainment, great food, but having such an activity does make the experience better. It enhances the process while making things more enjoyable and rewarding.

Dress up experience

It’s ok to have a theme for your child’s party, and you can go the extra mile to buy some outfits for every guest. That’s a cool idea, because there are all kinds of themes to go for. You can buy medieval outfits, and that means you’ll have a lot of knights and princesses running around. Having a theme is always exciting and rewarding, and it will help make the process more interesting.

Rent a ball pit

Our team at Star Kids Event can help take your child’s birthday to the next level by offering some amazing ball pit rentals. You have access to various types of ball pits, ranging from 4×4 feet to 6×6 or 9×9 feet ball pits. These pits also come with a white slide and foam mats; they can also be customized, if necessary. Of course, all these ball pits are available with or without a slide, depending on your needs and setup.

Set up a great place outside

If you want, you can also rent a variety of items to prepare a great setup outside. Star Kids Event offers a variety of add-ons, too, ranging from decals to decorated tables and chairs, foam backdrops, or tents/canopies for rental. That way, you have access to all the items you might need, and you have to focus on finding even more activities for the party.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to enhance a child’s party and make it spectacular. A ball pit rental is always going to make kids happy because it’s fun and it can provide hours upon hours of exciting and rewarding experiences. That’s why we highly recommend giving these ideas a try; they are very creative and can help take a kid’s birthday party to the next level. Plus, our team at Star Kids Event is here to assist with any soft play areas, ball pits, and any add-ons you may need; get in touch with us today for more information!

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